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Dance Collections Online

Some of the Dance Collections created by members of the San Francisco Branch are no longer in print. With the permission of the Dance Devisors, they have been made available here.

The San Francisco Collection (Vol. 1).

Dances Online

Some dances devised by our members and visitors are available here. You are free to to download and distribute verbatim copies with the copyright notice intact.

Dance NameFormDevisor
Seite and Seite8x32 ReelClaudette Sigg
Naughty Nancy8x32 JigBruce Herbold
Trip to Paradise8x32 StrathspeyRon Wallace
The Merrill Gathering8x40 ReelFiona Miller
The Birks of Lafayette8x32 JigClaudette Sigg
Casting Glances8x32 StrathspeyTim Wilson
Miss Jane Muirhead of Dunsmuir8x32 StrathspeyThomas Winter
Fox in the Wood8x32 ReelBob Mc Murtry
Australian LaddieStrathspey/Jig MedleyBob Mc Murtry
Golden Gateway Reel8x32 ReelBob Mc Murtry
Celebration8x32 StrathspeyClaudette Sigg
Summer Serendipity8x32 ReelClaudette Sigg
Gary Scott's Jig   8x32 Jig Tim Wilson
The Elusive Muse8x32 JigTim Wilson
The Occidental Ceilidh32 bar 3/2 walking danceTim Wilson
Basic Knitting32 bar JigMichael Iachini
Kathleen McAdam's Scroll32 bar JigTim Wilson
Blue Moon Rendezvous32 bar JigFred DeMarse
Linda Henderson of AlamoMusic for Blue Moon RendezvousAndy Imbrie
The Magic of Merrill32 bar ReelLyle Ramshaw
The Langdon Knot32 bar StrathspeyTim Wilson
The Dancing Q-Tip32 bar ReelMark Caplin
The Homecoming Reel32 bar ReelBruce Herbold
Granville Bridge32 bar ReelMichael Iachini
The RETIRING LASS32 bar ReelTim Wilson
Stargazers32 bar StrathspeyTim Wilson
Miracle in Merrill32 bar ReelTim Wilson
Bill McIver's Fancy32 bar StrathspeyTim Wilson
State of Grace32 bar StrathspeyTim Wilson
The Barefoot Lad32 bar ReelLarry Wakeman
Margaret Mitchell's Rant32 bar JigTim Wilson
A Dance for Des32 bar ReelSara Gratiot
Susie's Latest Promotion40 bar ReelTim Wilson
An Active Octogenarian, music for Susie's Latest Promotion Music40 bar ReelPatti Cobb
Something Blue32 bar StrathspeyRuss King
Diamonds Are Forever Dancing32 bar StrathspeyBruce Herbold
Jezebel's Jig32 Bar JigTim Wilson
Pounce de Leon tune for Jezebel's Jig32 Bar JigGary Thomas
Pilot's Delight32 Bar ReelTim Wilson
Pilot's Delight tune32 Bar ReelGary Thomas
Together for Forty Years (Kathy and Tom Allen anniversary dance)
Corrections made to bars 9 and 14, and clarification to bars 15-16. TW-Nov. 14, 2018
32 bar StrathspeyTim Wilson
Anniversary Suite   
Kathleen and Walter McAdam8x40 Jig Jennifer Kelly
Mr. Smith's Delight8x40 StrathspeyJennifer Kelly
The Fiddlesticks Frolic8x40 ReelJennifer Kelly
Teaching Notes  

Articles by Keith Eric Grant

Our own Keith Grant is the author of several informative articles that will help you take care of the body you dance with. They are presented here in pdf format, and are readable with the assistance of Adobe Acrobat*.

Tender Loving Care for Dancers' Legs (71 kB)

Dancing Our Feet Off Without Injuring Them, by Linking Our Warm-Ups to Kinetic Chains (23 kB)

Imagery, Movement, and the Dynamic Dance of Life (29 kB)

Other Resources

The bookstore is open at monthly parties and at the Asilomar and Sacramento workshop weekends. Many items that the bookstore carries are acquired through the Teacher's Association Canada (TAC) ( and RSCDS headquarters. You may use the contacts below to get information on their inventory and availability.

TAC Books

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