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Branch Web Site Policy


The purpose of the Website is to provide ready electronic access to information about our branch and its activities. We welcome and list information about events, classes, activities, and items that are RSCDS San Francisco Branch (RSCDS-SF) sponsored or Branch affiliated.  Links to other Scottish/Celtic-related/Dance-related websites of interest to Branch members will be limited to not-for-profit organizations and included at the discretion of the webmaster.  No external advertising or editorial matter will be accepted.

Data Privacy

  1. All personal data will be restricted to registered members of the -SF in good standing with the branch.
  2. Any Email Address that is displayed on the web site will be displayed as an image and the source of the web site that is sent to the user’s browser will be encoded.  These practices are an attempt to eliminate the use of these email addresses by Spammers and Hackers. The exception to this rule is in the Member Directory and Member Data Edit pages which are inaccessible to non-members of the RSCDS-SF. Clicking on this image will display a web page that will allow the user to send an email message to that address.
  3. Personal Data of Youth members is only accessible by the member themselves and members of the RSCDS-SF that have the YOUTHCOORDINATOR privilege, the Youth Coordinator for the Branch and the Super User of the Web Site.
  4. Youth Members and Reel and Strathspeyper (R&S) subscribers will only be able to access their own personal data, all other member data will not be available to them.
  5. Email addresses for Volunteers and Committee Members will be available to all members of RSCDS-SF as an image (see paragraph 2 above). Email Addresses may be displayed as images for class contacts in publicly accessible pages of the web site. Phone numbers may also be displayed as plain text.
  6. The email address for the web master will be displayed as an image (see paragraph 2 above) on all pages of the website that are not displayed in popup windows or in a non HTML format such as pdf documents and images. The exception to this rule is for web pages that are submitted by a committee of the RSCDS-SF such as the Teachers Committee.
  7. Members may elect to have their personal data accessible to the rest of the members of the Branch. They may also elect to have their personal data except for their email address accessible or to have all of their personal data accessible.

Members in Good Standing

Any member of the RSCDS-SF that is current with their dues is considered to be in good standing. The website will allow a ninety (90) day grace period following the expiration of a membership that will allow the member to continue in a provisionary state of Good Standing that will allow them access to the web site as a member until the grace period expires.

Submissions Process

All information should be submitted preferably in electronic format to the appropriate content manager, who will screen the material for appropriateness, completeness, and accuracy before forwarding it to the Webmaster for posting.

Content Managers

Check the Volunteers list on the Branch Resources page for the latest contacts.

If the content managers have any concerns about the appropriateness of the submitted material, they can ask for clarification or a policy decision from the Branch Committee liaison and/or Branch Committee.

If desired, submissions can also be sent to the editor of the Reel & Strathspeyper for inclusion in that publication. This must be done separately, however, since materials submitted to the website are not automatically forwarded to the R&S.

Submissions Format

Electronic submissions, with hardcopy proof, are preferred. Electronic text can be submitted in HTML. Microsoft Word, RTF (Rich Text Format) or unformatted (ASCII) text. Graphics must be submitted as GIF, JPEG, or PNG files. Submissions may also be submitted in pdf format and these files will be linked to the appropriate location in the web site. Class and event information may also be submitted by filling interactive forms on the web site.

The Webmaster reserves the right to alter the format/appearance of the submission, if necessary, and edit the material.

Material can be accepted in non-electronic format (e.g., a hardcopy flyer), but only the text information will be posted. We currently do not have the capability of converting hardcopy graphics to electronic files. Posting of material submitted non-electronically may be subject to additional processing time.

Reel and Strathspeyper Email Distribution

Distribution of the R&S will be to those members of the RSCDS-SF who are in good standing and have an email address registered on the branch web site. The public access to the R&S Archives will be allowed for all issues of the R&S except for the latest issue. All issues will be accessible by members in good standing.

Access to the Web Site

Access to the web site is allowed to the entire internet with the following exceptions:

Access to the above area of the web site is provided to members of good standing of the RSCDS-SF. The Branch Administration area will only be accessible to certain members who based on volunteer positions they have, are required access to this area.

Access to the web site will be allowed to those users who enter a valid email address/password combination. It is imperative that branch members keep their passwords to themselves. If a member’s account is being used in an inappropriate manner, that account can be disabled.

Members may share an email address, the web page will determine if the email address is shared and ask the user to identify which user they are.

Photo Submission

The branch web site is a family oriented web site. Any photos uploaded to the web site will be uploaded to a quarantine area. They will then be evaluated for fitness for display on the web site before being erased or moved to the appropriate are of the web site.

Password Reset Protocol

Passwords for the web site are stored using an encryption method that does not allow the password to be decoded. The passwords are not saved in any manner in clear text by the web site. If you forget your password, you can request that it be reset. The following is the procedure for resetting an account password:

The member enters their email address in the login area at the top of the home page and clicks the “Reset Password” button.

A popup window will display indicating that an email has been sent to the address that you entered in the login area. This is to insure that a valid email address is entered. Click the “Close this Page” link at the boom of the window.

When you receive this email, just reply to it. This insures that the password reset request was valid. If you did not request a password reset, reply to the email but explain that you didn’t request the password reset.

The web master will generate a new password for your account. This password will be emailed to your email address. This password will look like a random string of characters because it is.

Log into the web site using this new password. You will be asked to change your password. Change it to a password you can remember. It is suggested that the password be at least eight (8) characters long, have upper and lower case letters as well as a number.

The web site may enforce a password policy in the future that will insure that the password meets certain criteria.

Publishing Schedule and Deadlines

Although every effort will be made to update the website quickly the following deadlines are guaranteed:

Submission By:

Posted By:

2nd Friday of the month

4th Monday of the Month

4nd Friday of the month

2th Monday of the Month

Exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the Webmaster, please allow sufficient lead-time for processing.


Certain services that are provided for the web site to use can be acknowledged on the web site. The site uses Google Maps for maps to events and classes, PayPal (and maybe Google Checkout) for bookstore purchases and event payment. The web site is run on a computer running the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, PHP scripting language and MySQL database system. All of these services are provided free of charge by the developers. Diablo results also contributed the re-engineering of the web site to use these technologies and to implement the terms of this policy. Logos for these organizations are displayed at the bottom of many of the web pages on the branch web site. These logos may also be links to the organizations web sites so the users can find out more about the services provided. These acknowledgements are not deemed to be advertisements. The management of the web site also allows these organizations to use the RSCDS-SF web site as a reference for their services.

Website Management

A committee that has reporting responsibility to the Branch Committee will manage the Website. The Website Committee will consist of:

The Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance of the website, posting new material, reviewing new event material for appropriateness, and editing material as needed. The Webmaster, like the Publisher of a publication, has final say as to what will or will not be included. The Branch Committee will approve the appointment of a new Webmaster.

The Website designer is responsible for the look-and-feel/layout of the website, processing graphics, and providing an extra set of eyes to proofread postings to the website. Depending on the changes, processing, etc., that need to be made, there may be more than one designer to help with the work.

The Branch Committee liaison is a member of the Branch Committee and acts as the Website Committee's primary Branch contact. The liaison keeps the Website Committee apprised of any current or future Branch-sponsored/affiliated events and communicates any changes, inputs, or concerns between the groups. When questions about submissions and their appropriateness for the website arise from the Content Managers, the liaison can make an initial, independent judgment or refer the question to the Branch Committee for advice. The liaison also initiates a review of website content for updates at least once per year.

The Webmaster can, at his or her discretion, convene additional members for the Website Committee to develop new types of content or new designs and to implement them, including the programming and graphics processing.


This document supersedes the RSCDS-SF Web Site. This policy is also subject to change at any time as deemed appropriate by the Branch Committee and the Web Master.