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October Monthly Party

7:30 PM, Saturday October 1, 2022
Mountain View Masonic Temple, 890 Church St., Mountain View

The Wild Geese + 24/3 J B
Sandy O'er the Lea MMM (2) 32 S 2 B
The Aviator 52/9 J A
The Gentleman + 35/5 32 S 3 I/A
A Trip to Bavaria MacGregor-Brown/Collins R B/I
The Scallywag Kelly/Alamo Jig I
The Marquis of Lorne MMM(2) 32 S 3 B
Pinewoods Reel Dickson/ Yankee Sampler Reel A
Sugar Candie 26/9 Strathspey I
Flowers of Edinburgh 1/6 32 R 3 B/I
Chased Lovers Wilson:Worldwide Weavings J I
Dunfermline Glen + Goldring 22 Social dances S I/A
Rutland Reel + 48/2 Reel I
Triple Happiness 52/10 S I
The Highlandman Kissed His Mother + MMM 1 32 R 3 I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Tim Wilson, Bradley Hobbs, and Bruce Herbold.