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January Monthly Party

7:30 PM, Saturday January 11, 2020
Congregation Etz Chayim, 4161 Alma St., Palo Alto

Berwick Johnnie Graded Bk/14 32 J 3 B/I
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy + 20/8 S B/I
Muirland Willie 21/9 J I/A
Braes of Tulliemet 7/12 8x32 S B/I
Double Sixty New World Scottish Dancers coll. vol 2 R I
The Compleat Gardener Graded3/14 J I
Culla Bay + 41/2 Strathspey I
The Australian Ladies + Campbell/Glasgow 30 R I
Bonnie Ina Campbell 37/6 S I
General Stuart's Reel 10/3 32 R 3 I
Bohemian Reflections 51/12 R B
Patti's Pleasure Knox/Measures of Pleasure S A
The Zoologist + 46/12 Jig I
Cherrybank Gardens Drewry/Bankhead1 S I
Reel of the Royal Scots + RSCDS lflt 27 R I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Rachel Pusey, Geoffrey Wood, and Bruce Herbold.