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October Monthly Party

7:30 PM, Saturday October 5, 2019
Mountain View Masonic Temple, 890 Church St., Mountain View

Mad Hatter + Boys/Happy to Meet J B
The Lea Rig 21/5 S B/I
Ray Milbourne Haynes/Carnforth1 R I
The Langdon Knot + Wilson/Measures 32 S 3 I
Reel for Poggy + Langdon-Kass/Measures of Pleasure R B/I
St Andrew's Fair 5 for 1982/2 J B
Grey Daylight Let's All Dance, Too 8x32 S B
Preston Mill + 45/7 R A
Deer Friends Anderson/St Martin coll. S I/A
Jennifer's Jig Drewry/BonAccord J I
Scottish Reform 3/1 J B
The Craven Strathspey + Haynes/Carnforth 1 32 S 3 I
Johnnie's Welcome Hame 32/1 40 R 3 A
John McAlpin RSCDS 3 Dances by Hugh Foss 32 S 3 I
Mason's Apron Border bk/19 8x32 R I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Sheena McQueen, Bradley Hobbs, and Bruce Herbold.