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April Monthly Party

3:00 PM, Saturday April 6, 2019
Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Drive, Aptos

Jubilee Jig RSCDS lflt 11 J B/I
Fair Donald 29/4 S B/I
Dancing Forth Edinburgh Anniversary R I
The Dream Catcher + 45/9 96 S 4Sq I
Sleepy Maggie 11/5 Reel B/I
Bethankit Graded3/2 J B
The Cabrach Goldring/24Graded&Social S B
Festival Man + 48/10 J I/A
Balquidder Strathspey 24/2 32 S 3 B/I
Da Rain Dancin' + Wallace/Redwood 8x32 R I
British Grenadiers MMM 11 R B
Slytherin House 52/3 S I
The Scallywag Kelly/Alamo Jig I
The Minister on the Loch + 4 for 2008 Strathspey I
Trip to Timber Ridge + Henderson/Heart of SF R I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Juliet Davoren, Dilip Segueria, and Bruce Herbold.