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December Monthly Party

7:30 PM, Saturday December 1, 2018
Hill and Valley Club, 1808 B Street, Hayward

Mrs. Stewart's Jig 35/1 Jig B/I
Lady Glasgow MMM 8x32 S B
The Engine Room + Wallace&Thomas lflt 32 R 3 A
Bon Viveur + 52/11 M I/A
Arthur's Seat + McConachie/18th Century R I/A
Bramble Bush 25/3 J B
The Braes of Breadalbane 21/7 32 S 3 B/I
Hooked on Bells + Patterson leaflet J A
The Compliment + Goldring/12 More Social Dances 8x32 S I
Lost and Found Heart of San Francisco R I
Findlay's Jig Goldring/14 for 2000 J B
Bob Campbell Derwry/Canadian S I
Kingussie Flower 21/6 R I
Seagreen Drewry/ Brodie Bk S I
Fight about the Fireside 1/10 R B/I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Kathy Allen, Geoffrey Wood, and Bruce Herbold.