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June Monthly Party

3:00 PM, Saturday June 2, 2018
Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr., Aptos

Light and Airy 4/5 32 J 3 B
Emma's Strathspey Roughgarden Leaflet S I
Ruby Rant + 49/6 R I/A
Flower of Glasgow + 46/9 S I
Corn Rigs 4/12 R B
Hooper's Jig MMM 2 8x32 J B
This Is No' My Ain Hoose + 15/9 32 S 3 I/A
Let's Have a Ceilidh + Campbell/Glasgow Assem. 32 R 4 I
Wallace Drewery/Autumn86 S I
Davy Nick Nack Campbell/Glasgow Assembly R B/I
Flora's Fancy 49/8 J I
Lord Selkirk Hamilton/LAD2 S B
Rodney's Rant + QE Diamond Jubilee/4 J I/A
Neidpath Castle 22/9 3x32 S B/I
Captains House Graded3/10 R I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Marianna Harvey, Lin Pettengill, and Bruce Herbold.