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November Monthly Party

7:30 PM, Saturday November 4, 2017
Arllington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave., Kensington

Ferry Louper Goldring/24 Grded and Social J B
Light on the Water + Langdon-Kass/Let's ALl Dance S B
Graduation Reel Ternes/StrathsBabes R I/A
MacDonald of Keppoch 49/11 medley A
Ha! Ha! the Wooin' o' it MMM/29 Reel B
The Rakish Highlandman + 19/6 8x40 J I
Trysting Place + 35/6 S I
Quarries' Jig 36/3 8x32 J A
Bedrule 33/7 S B/I
Pulling Bracken + Bulteel/SDArchives R I
Merry Dancers 4/2 Jig B
Lord Elgin's Reel 26/5 Strathspey B
Orpington Caledonians 49/2 Reel I
Diamonds are Forever Dancing Herbold Leaflet S I/A
The Reel of the 51st Division + 13/10 32 R 3 B/I


+ = New this month

Program committee: Kristi Closser, Rachel Pusey, and Bruce Herbold.