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Why Should I Join the RSCDS?

Whether you're highly addicted to Scottish Country Dancing or whether you're an occasional social dancer or something in-between, and you're not yet a Branch member, here are some things to think about. If you were a member in the past, but allowed your membership to lapse, please discuss any concerns with your teacher or with any Branch Committee member. For you, too, here are some things to think about.

Your class in its present form is only possible because of the support it gets from the Branch, which publicizes it, pays for insurance, and enables the certification of your teachers. Just consider what your class would be like without highly trained and dedicated teachers!

The monthly parties, featuring a select group of talented musicians, are paid for mostly by the Branch. What could be better than dancing to live music?

Very special events, such as Asilomar and the Valentine's Ball, are underwritten by the Branch and probably would not happen at all without the support of the Branch.

You'll save money at dance events (such as Asilomar and the Valentine's Ball) and monthly parties, most of which carry a healthy discount for RSCDS Branch members.

You'll be able to access the "members only" portions of our Branch website, to look up someone's address or telephone in the Directory, to see the latest issue of the Reel & Strathspeyper, and to access other areas not accessible to the general public.

You lead down the middle and up, look over, see a grin on your partner's face, and know that everything is right with the world. You are setting to corners and partner, and you know that you were born to do this. Being connected, a sense of belonging: these are healthy positive feelings. As social beings we thrive when we connect and belong. So break out of your cocoon, pay your dues, and be part of our big set. Belonging may not improve your dance technique, but will certainly improve the pleasure of the dance! You'll be part of a worldwide organization with a proud heritage and a rich repertoire of services. Become a part of this community - the RSCDS San Francisco Branch - dedicated to this beautiful art form!

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