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Welcome to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, San Francisco Branch.

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional ballroom dancing of Scotland. The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), based in Edinburgh, was founded in 1923 to preserve this joyful social dance tradition. Since then Scottish Country Dancing has spread all over the world.

Unlike Highland dances, which are usually solo performances accompanied by bagpipes, Country dances are danced with partners in sets of two or more couples doing an exciting variety of formations. The music, performed live at parties and some classes, is provided by a fiddle and piano, or by a whole band. Dance tempos vary from lively jigs, hornpipes and reels, to the elegant, slower strathspeys.

Scottish Country Dancing is demonstrated at Scottish Games & Gatherings and at many other fairs and events. Audience participation dances may be offered to give the uninitiated a chance to dance. The San Francisco Branch of the RSCDS sponsors classes, social dances and formal balls throughout the Bay Area.

Interested in trying Scottish Country Dancing? Come by yourself or with a friend. No partners are needed to attend classes or parties, and you need not be Scottish to enjoy the fun. Sessions for new beginners start every September in most locations and at other times in some cities. The cost per class is generally very reasonable. Please check out class schedules, browse our bookstore, or look over our events. Join us!

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